A heart full of Thanks- from Pearlington

April 14, 2008

This letter was written by a family in Pearlington as a thank you to the team that worked on their house in March.    


Dearest Friends,

We wanted to let you all know how very wonderful this week has been for all of us.  I guess the best way to start is to tell you how we were prior to your arrival in our lives.  Since August of 2005 myself and my family have lived with a wide variety of emotions, ranging from shock, disbelief, despair, grief, anxiety, fear and sorrow.  Katrina not only devastated our home and community, but our day to day lives as well.  We have never had to experience these feelings before the storm.  We were all beginning to question if there would ever be an end to the emotional pain that the storm had brought to our lives.  My family have always had faith and strength and a positive outlook until Katrina came crashing down on us.  It seemed as if the hurricane was a “thief in the night” and robbed us not only of our home, but our faith as well.  Each day we rise and wonder what part of depression we would feel for that day.  The overwhelming feeling of uncertainty is a heavy burden to bear.  It is hard to describe to you what it feels like to look into my children’s faces and no longer see a light in their young eyes and to know that they have not rested well since the storm.  We can all say that we have truly learned the meaning of the word “weary.”

Since Monday, March 17th, things have begun to change.  Because of your kindness, selflessness and the time that you all have given freely to come here and help work on our home to repair and restore it, I want to tell you what else you have helped to restore.  For the first time in what seems like “forever”, myself and my family have some peace again.  We are sleeping well at night again.  We are not irritable and angry with each other and our home has the sound of laughter inside its walls again.  There is a quiet calm here that has been missing for so long.  As I walk around our house I catch myself  smiling now.  My boys are smiling and happiness has returned to their hearts.  I do not have the words to express what your presence has done for us.  Our lives no longer feel like a train wreck.  We have been restored with hope and we have once again found our  faith.  God has always watched over us and blessed us beyond what we deserve and because of all of you we once again see and feel Him in our lives.  No matter how many miles separate us, I know we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  My beloved grandmother always told me that “the Lord works in mysterious ways,” and she was right.  Who would have ever thought  that out of such devastation would come an unforgettable bond between strangers.  We may not remember all of your names and you must forgive us for that, but we will always remember your faces and God’s grace in each and every one.


We once again want to thank all of you for all of your kindness to us, and the work, friendship, smiles and the fact that you listened to us and what we had to say at a very challenging time in our lives, is priceless.  Not only did we learn about you, you taught us about ourselves and how to accept God’s grace in our lives. 

May God bless you all and keep you forever in His grace and love.


With our heartfelt love and gratitude,

M, K, Wand J


Thank you team for doing more than just rebuiling a physical structure and for allowing God to use you in ways that go beyond the physical labor.  That is what this ministry is all about – touching lives for the Kingdom of God.  May God bless your efforts and those who follow in your footsteps.












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