Experiencing Katrina – These are two home videos taken during Katrina. While they are not taken in Pearlington, it is as Pearlington residents describe (you have to get past the dad interview).  The eye of the hurricane came ashore at Pearlington and those that survived did so by climbing into attics, onto roofs, or up trees.

Experiencing Katrina – This is a video taken by storm chasers. It shows what it is like at the height of the storm as buildings are both shredded and flooded. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJVgzSHq434&mode=related&search=

Pearlington Prayer – video by Wendy Frost using the song written for Pearlington after the hurricane

The Path to Pearlington “The Images

Pearlington – 3 Weeks After Katrina (coming)

The First Bethlehem Team – 3 Weeks After Katrina (coming)

The First Bethlehem Family Trip – 7 Months after Katrina 9 (coming)

The Second Bethlehem Family Trip – 15 Months After Katrina (coming)

Pearlington Video – 18 months later – by Presbyterian Disaster Relief

Brad and Gary’s Trek – 19 months later

Pearlington in Summer – 21 months later – The images


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