There are many ways one can serve in Pearlington.   The biggest need is for skilled construction laborers.  There are estimated 250,000 homes destroyed by hurricane Katrina.  One does not build a quarter of a million homes in a day.  The local tradesmen are stretched thin. 

Many of the residents, having lost everything, cannot now afford to hire a home built.  But with many hands, the work can be done.

But there is also plenty of work for those not skilled in construction.  One can serve those doing the construction.  One can be a go-fer.  One can clean up the site.  One can paint.  One can wash windows.

One can also do general clean-up.  There is still depris in the ditches and trees, etc. 

One can help feed the workers.  One can wash dishes.

In short, if you look, and are willing, you will find your day filled with opportunities to serve this small community and help its people get back into homes and on with their lives.

And one may have the opportunity to say why one came 1200 miles to paint.  One may get a chance to share of Christ.

So, if Giovanna can find ways to help…

Come to Pearlington. 

Be blessed.

Trip dates

 2008 Trip Dates:  There are 4 trips in the planning stages for 2008 – most of these will be construction trips.  Back Yard Bible Club is in the works for the June Trip.  All of the trip dates include travel to and from Pearlington. 

April 19-27 – Construction

June 14 -22 – Back Yard Bible Club + Construction

October 18-26  – Construction

November 22-30 – Thanksgiving in Pearlington

We are looking for both skilled and unskilled labor for all of these trips. It is preferable to have all teams have a  construction lead – however teams can go without a construction lead.  Things are well organized in Pearlington and if there is a team without a construction lead, your team will be assigned to a construction lead or work with another team and trained into your job for the week.     

The Back Yard Bible Club team will need leaders for the different elements of the club – crafts, games, teachers and final celebration.  We also need a worship team.  The 2008 team will need to be bigger than the 2007 team.  Pray about your involvement in this team.

Prayerfully consider how God might use your gifts to serve in Pearlington, walking alongside the residents, helping to lift their burden for a week. 

Applications are being updated and will be on- line soon. 

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Attn:  Corrie Ayers
720 13th ave S. 
Minneapolis, MN  55415

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